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Jesse Boyce started this company twenty years ago, although BCC has only been in business since 2004. Confusing? Not really. When Jesse started working in the trucking industry in 1992, he knew he had found his career. It was then that he started forming the ideas that are the basis of BCC Freight Haulers: good work ethics, high morals, and honesty.

Jesse has said, “I don’t hire people and tell them to be nice, I hire ‘Nice People’ ". The staff at BCC is certainly nice and fun to work with but they are also committed to a goal of providing superior customer service. As our logo reads “Because Commitment Counts”. This commitment is what sets BCC apart from other brokerage companies. We understand that customers and carriers can choose to work with another brokerage company, but by maintaining these standards, our customer and carrier loyalties are very strong. In fact, BCC still handles the very first lane that Jesse serviced some twenty years ago.

We are a full truck load (FTL) and less than truck load (LTL) provider which utilizes both dry van, refrigerated, and flatbed carriers. With over three thousand contracted carriers, we are able to solve almost any transportation need. Thank you for visiting our web site. We hope it will give you some insight into the sort of company we are. Please feel free to contact BCC for any of your transportation needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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BCC Going Green, “Over 11,000 tons of recycled materials successfully hauled in 2011 from 5 different states”
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